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Solo Cruises & Vacations

Whether you’re a single senior, seasoned solo traveler, or simply searching for some much needed me time, it can be hard to find solo trips that don’t unduly charge for single occupancy. That’s why we’ve curated a special selection of solo cruises and single-friendly travel tours – solo vacations as they simply should be, transformational experiences of untold adventure without prohibitively expensive supplements.


Why should you pay more just because you’re traveling alone? We’ve found the best cruise lines for solo travelers with either a low or no single supplement at all, or the opportunity to share a cabin for no extra cost.



Our carefully selected solo cruises often have one or more dedicated single cabins, catering specifically to the needs of solo travelers and ensuring an inclusive experience for all guests on board, no matter how large their party.



You may be traveling solo but you won’t be alone. Our solo travel tours allow single travelers the chance to bond with like minded travelers and make new friends in welcoming and intimate small group tour environments.

South America
Solo Travel

South America

Delve into the continent’s wildest corners and leave the “Gringo Trail” in your wake on your very own conquest in search of the cultural and natural riches of South America. Armed with a zest for discovery and a few Spanish or Portuguese phrases, embrace the colorful, chaotic and charming countries of this loud and lovable Latin land.

Whether you want to travel solo to the Galapagos Islands with our special Galapagos cruises for singles, or take on the teeming tendrils of the rainforest with a solo Amazon river cruise, we have a selection of South America singles cruises and solo trips to take you there.

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Southeast Asia
Solo Travel

Southeast Asia

Ever since vagabonding travelers hit the “Hippie Trail” in the 1950s and ’60s, the intoxicating allure of Southeast Asia has grown exponentially as reincarnations of the Beat Generation find themselves on enlightening expeditions of self-discovery.

Escape the well-trodden, so-called “Banana Pancake Trail” (named after the typical tourist fare served by many street vendors) with our tailor made tours of Southeast Asia’s must-see marvels, from incomparable Indonesia cruises for solo travel to the best Mekong, Irrawaddy and Halong Bay cruises for singles.

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