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Laos Vacations

Leave the world behind in the wilderness of Laos, a mysterious, unspoiled halcyon land of meditating monks, enthralling ethnic diversity, and the majestic Mekong River where nature still sets the rhythm for everyday life.
A rich blend of bakery-lined boulevards, breweries, Buddhist relics and dragon boating, the laid-back Laotian capital of Vientiane has a certain je ne sais quoi, where life is as languid as the meandering Mekong it neighbors.
Luang Prabang
Surrounding sacred Mount Phousi, at the confluence of the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers, the ancient royal capital of Luang Prabang emanates an almost ethereal ambiance, a spiritual sanctum alive with centuries-old Buddhist traditions.
Vat Phou
Far from the madding crowds amid serene green hills sits the sacred pre-Angkorian sanctuary of Vat Phou, its thousand-year-old ruins, mythical structures and timeless palaces a spectacular Hindu vision of the spiritual relationship between nature and humanity.
Explore the near-uncharted upper stretches of the ‘Mother of Waters’ on an epic and timeless voyage through Laos, where unspoiled nature, jungle-covered hills, quiet villages and sacred caves are the only witnesses to the Mekong’s endeavors.
Bolaven Plateau
A southern region of great historical significance and natural beauty, the bucolic Bolaven Plateau is known for its verdant highlands, richly fertile agricultural lands, authentic ethnic minority villages and numerous dramatic waterfalls.

Why Visit Laos?

A fabled ‘Kingdom of a Million Elephants,’ Laos is one of Southeast Asia’s hidden gems, enchanting visitors with untamed natural beauty, Buddhist spirituality, rich history and a laid-back vibe. far from the madding crowds and mass tourism, Laos vacations promise an unhurried pace of life, authentic cultural experiences and gentle hospitality.

Much of this landlocked nation’s topography is characterized by verdant mountains and plains, such as the remote Bolaven Plateau, famed for its scenic waterfalls and coffee plantations. It is however, the timeless Mekong River that dominates daily local life and Laos vacation packages. Many of Laos’ most important sites flank its shores, including Luang Prabang, a spellbinding heritage city, the charming capital of Vientiane, and the ancient Khmer temple ruins of Vat Phou, and a slow cruise along the lesser-travelled Upper Mekong should not be missed.

Laos Vacation Packages

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Laos Experiences


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