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Luxury Small Ship Cruises & Vacations

Comprising the best in luxury small ship cruising in South America and Southeast Asia, our unrivaled selection of deluxe small cruise ships, elegant private yachts and luxury river cruises – many of them award-winning – offer discerning travelers all the excitement and adventure of an exotic expedition, but with all the creature comforts you’d expect from floating five-star accommodations.
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Our selection of small luxury cruise ships are the epitome of style. Step aboard truly special vessels, custom made by master ship builders, decorated by interior design experts and laden with the most luxurious of amenities.



Experience a rich culinary journey along the way, as you savor sumptuous gourmet gastronomy crafted by consulting chefs, and try the local delicacies of the destinations you visit, all paired perfectly with matching wines.



Indulge in impeccable service catering to your every whim, from plush pillow menus and pampering spa treatments to signature tours led by expert guides, with privileged access to restricted areas and exclusive excursions.

South America

South America

Enter the exclusive environs of the remotest reaches of the world’s most famous rainforest on a luxury Amazon river cruise aboard the region’s best boutique offerings. Or explore the “Enchanted Isles” by private yacht or chic catamaran on a Galapagos luxury cruise with the archipelago’s best guides to enrich the extraordinary wildlife encounters that await you.

Wherever your luxury small ship cruises take you, combine them with our handcrafted luxury South America tours to the continent’s colonial crown jewels and new world wonders of Machu Picchu, Christ the Redeemer and Iguazu Falls.

Luxury Small Ship Cruise In Galapagos
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