People playing volleyball on the beach at sunset
White sands and waters
Flat top mountain ranges
Waters of the Amazon and mangrove forests seen from above
Group of capybaras
Walkway across the river by the large waterfall
Aerial view of the beach
Clear Waters and colorful fish of Bonito Brazil
Promenade by the beach
Turquoise waters and jungle on the hills
Turtle on a beach
port town
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Brazil Vacations

Captivating, colorful, and wild, Brazil is a celebration of life, a country of rhythm-filled metropolises sprawling onto white-sand beach playgrounds, home to Carnival, the beautiful game, and verdant rainforests of unimaginable biodiversity.
Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro; a peppery, playful ecosystem all of its own set against white beaches and verdant mountains. A sensual city where everything moves to the samba beat, and beauty, culture, sport, and of course, Carnival, meet in chaotic color.
Lençóis Maranhenses
A blindingly white blanket of dunes stretches as far as the eye can see, studded with teal blue lagoons; Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is one of the most remarkable landscapes on Earth. Dive into the pools and explore this vast expanse.
Chapada Diamantina
Like the hands of giants, raised to stop the sky from falling, the tablelands of Chapada Diamantina are the mainstays of an unending landscape, ruptured by canyons, waterfalls, limestone caves, and open grasslands. Time to hit the trail.
It may be the lungs of the planet, but a cruise through the Brazilian Amazon is simply breathtaking. Through serpentine fingers of mist rolling amid treetops, down sun-seeking vines where treefrogs chirrup, a creeping crawling bounty lies in wait for you beneath the canopy.
As the sun sinks and all colors slip from lilac to sienna, watch a veritable pageant of creatures flaunt their artistry, reflected in miraculous mirrors of water. This is the Pantanal, the world’s largest and most pristine wetland.
Iguazu Falls
Brazil’s panoramic views of the Iguazu Falls are unmatched, imagery straight from a child’s imagination. Be ready for an exhilarating, visceral experience of this majestic chain of falls, as walkways lead you amid moving mountains of water.
Fernando de Noronha
For a flavor of paradise, escape to the deep blue waters and golden yellow sands of Fernando de Noronha, a dazzling archipelago off the coast of Brazil, and a protected breeding site for sea turtles, dolphins, and a myriad of seabirds.
Beautiful Bonito is the gateway to a world of wildlife wonders: crystal-clear underwater caves peppered with stalactites, aquamarine waterfall lagoons pierced by glittering fish, and lush vegetation hosting a myriad of creatures.
Unwind at pretty seaside town Armação dos Búzios, a once quaint fishing village turned vibrant tourist mecca. Palm-tree lined cobbled streets lead invitingly to twinkling waters and golden sands, and come alive with lights and laughter after dark.
Sandwiched by emerald forested mountains and pristine coastline, Paraty is an idyllic colonial town between Rio and Sao Paulo. Navigate the islands that pepper the bay or stroll down picturesque cobbled streets amid charming white houses.
Praia do Forte
Escape the big cities with a trip to stunning Praia do Forte, where sea turtles paddle among bathers by day and dancers perform Capoeira in the streets by night. This seaside village is known for its exotic beaches and striking sea life.
With its zingy fusion of Afro-Brazilian culture, Salvador’s magnificent oceanic setting is the perfect tonic for the medley of high-rise and high-energy lifestyles within, while a colorful historic center tells tales of a turbulent past.
Located in the spectacular heart of the Amazon Rainforest is Manaus, a gritty, busy city forged by rubber wealth and European influence. Use it as a springboard for jungle exploration - it teems with anticipation and architectural delights.
A unique site at the union of two rivers gives Santarem a distinct flavor, where lively waterside markets give way to breathtaking freshwater beaches. A pocket of culture amidst a blanket of green, with a lazy but authentic pace of life.

Why Visit Brazil?

When it comes to Brazil vacations, the options are rich and endless, from the populous southeast with rhythmic Rio de Janeiro, home of Carnival and iconically overlooked by the famous Christ the Redeemer statue, to the colonial architecture and Afro-Brazilian cities of the northeast, such as spectacular Salvador. Of course, no Brazil vacation would be complete without some beach time, and you really are spoilt for choice with the golden sands of Búzios, Paraty and Praia do Forte.

Make long-lasting memories by visiting the remarkable Iguazu Falls, the world’s largest waterfall system, or catch your breath at the vast and beautiful tropical wetlands of the Pantanal, where you can see anacondas, capybaras, toucans and swim in the crystalline waters of beautiful Bonito. Brazil vacation packages encompass the astonishing dune seascapes of Lençóis Maranhenses, the colossal canyons of Chapada Diamantina, sensational archipelagoes like Fernando de Noronha, and of course, the magical Brazilian Amazon rainforest.

Brazil Vacation Packages

Our custom Brazil tours have been carefully crafted with enriching private excursions and thoughtful routes honed with years of in-destination experience. Browse our best-selling Brazil travel packages below and begin an unforgettable journey tailored uniquely to you.

Brazil Experiences


Sail the Amazon in Brazil from Manaus and Santarém aboard the region’s most exceptional riverboats, exclusively built for intrepid exploration of the area’s protected parks and wildlife-rich reserves. Choose from our curated Brazilian Amazon cruises operated by only the most trusted of partners, preeminent pioneers in the region who offer inspirational itineraries, unrivaled knowledge, and utmost levels of service.

Tucano on the river
  • Amazon
  • Brazil


A boutique boat pioneering sustainable exploration of the remote Central Amazon Conservation Complex.
5 - 7 Days
$2,200 USD
Ship moored
  • Amazon
  • Brazil

Acqua Amazon

A charming and traditional wooden riverboat full of character for amiable Amazonian adventures.
3 - 6 Days
$779 USD
Iberostar sailing
  • Amazon
  • Brazil

Grand Amazon Expedition

An all-inclusive, floating resort offering live entertainment, comfort, and exciting excursions.
4 - 8 Days
$1,009 USD
  • Amazon
  • Brazil

Amazon Clipper Premium

A classic and classy Brazilian riverboat offering exciting excursions, superior service and comfort.
3 - 6 Days
$1,079 USD
Tinga on the river
  • Amazon
  • Brazil


A rustic riverboat rich in caboclo charm for far-flung expeditions with a focus on adventure.
4 - 8 Days
$2,469 USD
Lo Peix on the river
  • Amazon
  • Brazil

Lo Peix

An authentic riverboat for wild escapes away from the crowds with a charismatic Catalan captain.
3 - 6 Days
$769 USD
Small boat on he calm river
  • Amazon
  • Brazil
Private Charter

Amazon EcoBoat

An elegant and eco-friendly boutique houseboat designed for private and immersive Amazon escapes.
3 Days +
$3,384 USD
Amazon Odyssey moored
  • Amazon
  • Brazil
Private Charter

Amazon Odyssey

A high-end, private houseboat ideal for seekers of privileged, slow travel rainforest experiences.
3 Days +
$6,638 USD
Iara on the river
  • Amazon
  • Brazil
Private Charter


A petite and private riverboat with just two cabins, perfect for intimate rainforest exploration.
2 Days +
$1,857 USD
Amazon Dream on the river
  • Amazon
  • Brazil

Amazon Dream

Old World charm meets Gallic flair on this authentic vessel sailing Santarém's remote Amazon realm.
7 - 10 Days
$1,779 USD
Jacare Acu on the river
  • Amazon
  • Brazil


Alluring, intimate and action-packed riverboat cruises to the furthermost corners of the Amazon.
4 - 8 Days
$2,469 USD
Iracema on the river
  • Amazon
  • Brazil
Private Charter


A handcrafted, private riverboat famed for its pioneering exploration of the Brazilian Amazon.
3 Days +
$4,500 USD


Stay in the depths of the Brazilian Amazon in the most luxurious jungle lodges Brazil has to offer, from award-winning eco resorts to secluded stilt-hut sanctuaries, or escape to the perfect Pantanal Pousada in its world famous wetland wildlife haven. Our curated accommodation collection only comprises resorts satisfying our strict criteria for authenticity, individuality and the highest of hospitality standards.

What Our Customers are Saying

I want to thank you for a most incredible trip to South America including our time at Iguazú Falls and these last couple days in Rio de Janeiro. It was all topped off by Carnival last night. We were in a front row box and could literally touch the dancers. The parades were simply stunning. You did an incredible job arranging everything for us.
- Kevin K.
Samba dancer smiling face in Rio
Thank you for your help on our wonderful vacation. The Iberostar Grand Amazon cruise was fantastic, the itinerary was fabulous, the staff beyond cordial and helpful. The whole Brazil adventure was beyond words and the finale being the Amazon was almost spiritual. Thank you for everything.
- Wayne G.
Native Brazilian Guys Playing Wooden Flute At An Indigenous Tribe
I recently had 20 clients that enjoyed the Iberostar Amazon River Cruise, traced the slave trade routes through Brazil, partied like rock stars in Rio and relaxed at the awesome Iguazú Falls. Every step of the trip Rainforest Cruises were constantly in touch and asking if there was anything else we needed. These guys are travel pros and I highly recommend them.
- Mike R.
We had a fabulous time. Rio was great – we managed to see all the famous sites and yet had plenty of leisure time to enjoy the beautiful beaches. Iguazú Falls were the most amazing waterfalls I have ever seen. We had amazing experiences which I will always remember and met some lovely people along the way. I will recommend your company to everyone.
- Vivien P.


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